Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Zack!

Tomorrow is my nephew Zackary's seventh birthday, and me and the family will be celebrating at my sisters house. They are setting up a swimming pool, so the kids will be delighted. And it's always good for me to see the rest of the family.

Karla read what I've written on the storm story so far, and has already pointed out a useful criticism. I had a charactor talking differently in different scenes. I have to watch things like that. But thats why you always have proofreaders. You can't catch all of your own mistakes. I always have at least two people proofread my work, and sometimes more. It's no fun to submit what turns out to be sloppy work.

Bonus: The Cowboys won tonight. Yeah, it's a meaningless preseason game but it's still a win.

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