Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well, things went in fits and starts today.

I now have a story to work on, which is a good thing. On the other hand, the kids were in rare form today, which was a bad thing. Karla had a bad day at the office, which was another bad thing. But she managed to get home before I murdered my children, which was a good thing. But they had so thoroughly destroyed my chain of thought that I really couldn't write anymore, which was a bad thing. So I went to bed early, which could be either a good or bad thing, depending on how the rest of the weekend pans out.

But now the rest of the family is peacefully asleep and I'm writing . . . which is a good thing. I'm hoping this story writes itself fairly quickly and I can keep it short and sweet. Right now it's tentatively titled, "Rendered Verdict." I'm hoping to submit it for L&L Dreamspell's Revenge anthology. Then I want to try and come up with something for Pill Hill Press again.

Busy, busy, busy.

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