Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Edit

After taking the day off so that I could simultaneously bask in the glow of having a book out there with one of my stories in it while also suffering from the Gharstly Flu from Beyond, I now need to get back to work.

I will do a first edit of "Rendered Verdict", maybe even come up with a better name for it, and then get some critiques for it. Since Cheri is now extremely busy with editing her novel, I'll be trying to enlist the talents of others again.

Oh well, it's time for me to crawl off to try and recuperate. Then it's back to work.


  1. I think "Rendered Verdict" is a great name.

    Also, If I can assist with anything, let me know.

  2. Are you any good at editing and critiquing?

  3. Well, I'm quite critical (but in a good way) and fairly well read. I've never had the opportunity to do any editing, so I don't really know if I can. I'd love to try and if I am not any help, will gladly step away gracefully.