Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Ray of Sunlight

I actually managed to write a couple of paragraphs last night. Not a big amount, but I'm hoping it's a crack in the dam. I need to get this story moving along again, so I can finish it and move on.

Today I start my low carb diet. Lots and lots of chicken, to keep the fat content down. Maybe this will widen the cracks in that aforementioned dam.

I returned the snake to the rental place this morning, since it totally slipped my fogged brain yesterday. See? I have to do something about this. It's really that bad.

When I dropped Sheridan off at school, I told him I wanted him to have a good day. He looked at me quizzically and replied, "That means you don't want me to get poked in the eye, right Dad?" I assured him that not getting poked in the eye was an important part of having a good day, and he seemed satisfied with that answer. Sometimes I don't understand kids.

Later today I'll look around into getting some more glasses. Another thing I've been meaning to do for over a week, but keep forgetting once I drop the kids off. Ugh.

UPDATE: I found a coupon for Eyemaster . . . buy one get one free . . . but I'll have to go to Deerbrook Mall to use it. I'll wait till Friday, when Karla is home to get Rowan off of the bus, and use it then.

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