Monday, September 28, 2009

Okay, I Want My Brain Back

It's official. I'm in brain fog. I stared at the story I'm working on for almost an hour, and added two sentences. While surfing the net, I intended to go to a web page via another that's on my list of bookmarks, and twice in a row I got distracted once I got to my bookmarked page and went elsewhere instead.

So Tuesday, after allowing myself to indulge in Monday Night Football goodness, I'm going to go on a strict diet to try and kick my brain out of this fog. No gluten products, milk products, and low on the carbs. Nothing but coffee or tea if eating out, to avoid any chance of cross contamination. Lots of chicken, garlic salt, greens, ground turkey, etc. Two weeks of that should show some results if gluten is the problem. I'll also get back on the Omega 3's.

A friend cued me in to supplements called nootronics. Basically brain boosting stuff. I'll do some research on that too. I need every edge I can get.

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