Sunday, September 6, 2009

Characters and Stuff

So, there I sat. Having another quality father/son moment in Old Town Spring as Sheridan and I discussed life over Frito pies, french fries, and slushies. I am definitely going to start making that a weekly routine. I sometimes forget what an amazing world kids live in. And in today's world, they are learning to take so much for granted that didn't even exist when I was a kid. For instance, I bought his cousin Zack a cartoon computer game called Plants vs Zombies this weekend. Needless to say, Sheridan is curious about the zombies.

I didn't even know what a zombie was until fifth or sixth grade. And they were still serious business back then . . . not overexposed to the point one goofs on them and makes a kids game.

Also met a future character in a story of mine. A cute girl taking orders at the burger stand who had a voice that sounded like she breathed helium. Yes, that was her real voice. And it was obvious that she was a rather competent person in the way she kept large orders straight and took care of several things at once. I just wondered, as she asked me if I wanted ketchup, how much of a handicap that voice was, and how aware of it was she?

On another front, I'm starting to have the inkling of an idea for the L&L Dreamspell revenge anthology. I'll try and tease it out and see if I can turn it into anything.


  1. Wow! That's a voice from the past! Good to hear it! VERY glad to hear you are writing!!! Your stories are ever so entertaining!