Thursday, September 24, 2009


Didn't want to wake up this morning. Too early. Six thirty comes earlier than it used to somehow. Or I'm getting older. Or I'm still muzzy from that wheat yesterday. I can tell that inertia is going to be my enemy today.

Oh well, I did get a load of laundry run yesterday so I have socks and I did accomplish something. Today Rowan doesn't have any therapists, so I actually get to stay home all day. I'll get out that stream of thought story I started and see what I can do with that. I'll be sure and edit in Charlie's suggestion over the cell phone.

It's not a terribly inspired story, but it's what I got at the moment.

On another front, I intend to start shopping for party decorations for next months get together. I want to make this memorable for the kids. I think it will be as much a Halloween party for them as anything else. And I know Karla will look forward to the kubideh . . . a blend of ground lamb, ground beef, and spices. The salmon on a cedar plank is popular in other quarters, and my ribs are pretty popular as well. I just hope it doesn't rain.


  1. Hey! I like all the items on the menu!

  2. No! I paid for them. They're Mine! All Mine!

  3. Okay folks, I guess Karla gets all the kubideh, grilled salmon, and ribs. I suppose the rest of us can split the potato salad.