Monday, September 14, 2009

Almost 2000 Words In

Pictured is Judge Buller of Ireland. An enlightened individual who ruled that it is only permissible to beat your wife with sticks no thicker than your thumb. What a guy.

Meanwhile I'm still working on the judge in my story, and his fateful conversation in a watering trough. Most of my stories run about five thousand words, but this one is going to be a challenge to get to three thousand. I'm using lots of conversation, which makes the story seem to fly along, but also doesn't eat up as much of the word count as more descriptives would.

At least this time I'm happy with the almost complete absence of taglines. I may actually reread the story with an eye to checking whether I overdid it on that score or not. I don't know if that is possible, since this is one of those topics that I still have a lot of ignorance on due to my newness to the field.

I'm still hoping to get the first draft of this story done this week. At my normal speed, I would be confident to be done by Wednesday, but I notice that lately my production has slowed. I don't know if that is due to burnout, more distractions, just being more careful with what I'm doing, or a combination of the above. Anyways, as long as I have a first draft by Friday night, I'm happy.


  1. Fortunately, he did not limit the sticks that could be used to beat husbands... Although, I may just ground you from all the electronics.

  2. Nothing that I am aware of. EXCEPT thinking that judge was enlightened.

  3. But sticks thicker than your thumb could do real harm. The man was showing true forward thinking there.