Wednesday, December 9, 2009


"Under A Racer's Moon" has been accepted by LL Dreamspell for their Dreamspell Nightmare's Anthology. That makes my tenth short story accepted for publication this year.

I have cracked double digits!

And while I am hopefully on pace to achieve my goal of writing twelve short stories in a year this week, this particular milestone was just as important. It was all about making sure that those stories were of a quality worthy of being published.

This feels good folks.

On another note, since replacing Diet Dr. Pepper with regular Dr. Pepper, the shaking in my hands has noticeably subsided. So apparently I am doomed to be fat, but with steadier hands. Oh well.

Oh, and as far as the hat in the dishwasher experiment went . . . my hat is now clean, but somewhat "softer" and floppier than it used to be. I'm not sure a straw hat is supposed to be "soft."

UPDATE: And thus inspired, I finished up my first draft of "Roadkill" a little bit ago. It's still very raw, but I will soon have it ready to print out and send to my proofreaders. Story number 12 is now in the final stages towards being done. Who knows, I may be able to pull a thirteenth out of somewhere before this year is over.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS. You have impressed the heck out of me with your writing this year. On a side note, I TOLD you that aspartame was very bad mojo.

  2. Yeah, the doctor told him that he wasn't allowed any of the fake sugars. But would he listen to her or me?

  3. Big time congrats are in order! You have really outdone yourself, Big Guy--and yep, I'm sure there are more of those incredible stories inside you. Looking forward to reading them.


  4. To Steph: Thanks! I think it's that other ingredient, the phenylkuetonics or something like that, which is causing it.
    To Karla: Bah! Quakery and humbug! What do doctors know?
    To Cherri: Thanks! I might get one more story out this year, then I change gears.