Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Glorious Monday

Got two hours of sleep, and now I'm getting the kids lunches ready. Typical Monday. Karla and I have already growled our greetings at each other this morning . . . me because of my lack of sleep, and her because she's just a big meanie. I love her anyways though. I'll probably go back to bed after packing their meals and sleep a couple more hours. Then I'll finally be able to get back work on my short story, as I'll have the house to myself.

It's slowly progressing. I've reached the point where the action starts, the chase has begun, and I'm choosing my words carefully. It's always a delicate thing, changing the pace of the story. Now I have to choose the starting level of tension, and then work on not letting that flag. I'm at 3,193 words, and I figure around a couple thousand to go. Gotta get this right.

Homemade sausage for the kiddos this morning. It's been a while, so hopefully they'll enjoy it more. The range of things I make them is kind of limited due to allergies, and I know how things can get old after a while. Oh well, you do what you can. Time to get on with it and then maybe get some more shuteye.

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