Thursday, December 31, 2009

Night At the Movies

Karla and I took a rare night out from staying home with kids (thanks to our good friend Cherri Galbiatti) and went to see Avatar on an Imax in 3D.

First of all, let me say this is the only way to see this movie and truly appreciate it. The effects are spectacular and you honestly forget you are watching CGI. It's just that good.

Now, the politics of the movie were a little overbearing for my tastes. Evil corporation looting the world and oppressing the noble savages type of thing. Not to mention the Navi were so obviously meant to represent Native Americans that one kind of got the whole Dances with Wolves vibe on top of it. It was just a little too ham handed in that regard. And that's really sad, because other than that it really was a good movie. A spectacular science fiction, and a truly interesting and alien world.

I do recommend it, but check your politics at the door.

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