Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good Morning

I've already got the girl packed and off to school, and I'm now working up the energy to get the boys lunch packed. I actually went to bed early last night, but I'm feeling a little drug out. Not a big deal though, and I imagine that as soon as I really get going that I will be in fine form.

I'll work more on the werewolf story today. I've already got it pretty much mapped out in my head, which is already more prep than I go into a lot of short stories with. I'm hoping to have it done in a week. Karla even read the first part of it, and approved once I explained the rest of the plot to her . . . and this isn't even one of the stories that I use a little humor in. It's one of those grim style stories. I may post a snippet later.

Ah well, the boy is hungry.

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