Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis the Season

You can tell that we are moving deeper into the month of December. The skies are getting greyer, the weather drizzlier, the Cowboys are losing football games, and the Christmas decorations are going up. Here we see Nonni and Daddo guide the kiddos through their first Christmas tree decorating. They did pretty good, and I've only had to run Rowan out of the thing a few times since then. It even still has most of it's ornaments.

I'm starting my last passes through Roadkill, and will wait and check to see if anymore suggestions from proofreaders are coming till this afternoon. Then I'll probably send it on to Pill Hill Press and post a teaser on their forums. I still have no plans after that. I'll be out of town on Tuesday night and all day Weds, so there are two days gone right there. Gotta go see the neurologist and tell him that not much has changed. Standard bi-yearly visit.

I also need to get some Christmas shopping done sometime soon. . . sigh . . .now that it's too late to order it all online. Procrastination is not my friend, merely my companion.

On a better note, the effect of the gluten seems to have passed, as it didn't bother me Sunday at all . . . and it's effects on Saturday were actually pretty minimal. Not that I intend to have anymore for a while.

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