Friday, December 11, 2009

Feeling Rested

I got the kids lunch packed and went back to bed today. Woke up feeling much better, and well rested. I'll do a little more editing later on tonight, and then I'll just wait to see what the last of my proofreaders point out. After that, I think this puppy is about ready to submit.

I got an email from Pill Hill letting me know that my contributers copies of The Bitter End were heading my way, and should be here next week. And LL Dreamspell just sent me the contract to fill out for "Rendered Verdict," the short story for their Dreamspell Revenge anthology. So I guess the business end of things is moving along too.

Soon it will be time to pick the kiddos up. I'm hoping that it warms up this weekend so I can take Sheridan out to Old Town Spring for our usual father/son frito pie fest. We haven't done that in a few weeks and I want to get back to it. And I'll try to do it around four oclock so all the Christmas lights will show up. That reminds me, I also need to take them out around the neighborhood and see the lights. And also talk to Karla about the idea of a tree for them this year.

Oh well, we'll see.

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