Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Writer's Night Out: Glutenized

So Cherri Galbiati and I were both bored and decided to have an impromptu Writer's Night Out, last night. We had a good time talking the business of writing, and our determination to be productive next between bouts of yawning and bleary eyed spells of silence. She was tired from too little sleep and I was stoned stupid from all the gluten I've been eating lately...especially the chicken fried steak I had while I was there. I really felt that one, and it may have been the straw that broke the camels back. I think it's time to stop the gluten.

The kids are doing okay, although the five year old managed to get hold of the seven year old's new Tron action figure and completely dismember him. Needless to say, there was grief and acrimony in kidville. I call this the post Christmas aftermath, when the kiddos have managed to broaden their focus from just what they got for Christmas and take an interest in the loot of their siblings. It never goes well. Never.

Anyways, back to writing.

I'm hoping to start strong in January and get some work done. I'm building up my resolve now to go back on the gluten free diet and to get all the gluten out of the house. All of it. I think my wife has a couple of stashes that she thinks are secret, but they must go. It is time to get puritanical and put that scarlet G back on the stuff. I need to function. I'll probably even go off the casein for a while too. Anyways, those are the tops of my New Years resolutions. I haven't codified them into a strong, well worded resolution yet but I intend to. That way I can repeat it to myself in the hopes of improving my odds of keeping it. Some vague statement about doing something to address my immense rotundness just doesn't cut it.

Oh well, I've got a day or two left to think about it...but it is now time to start thinking about it.

Happy Humpday, folks!

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  1. Even though we both couldn't have filled a thimble tonight with enough energy to clap--still had a good time. It was our last Writers' Night Out for the year! But, there'll be plenty more to come.
    Congrats to you and all your efforts you've made towards your writing career--I think you have plenty to be proud about! (yep, HC messed up big time not sending you a contract-LOL)