Monday, December 27, 2010

...And We're Home.

So, we are finally home.

The kids are snoring softly in their beds while their parent's are tucked in front of warm computers and surfing the internet. The cats are happy to have us back and directed our attention to their bowls, which they felt were getting unacceptably low on contents. I think even the raccoon in the attic is happy to have us back since I can hear him doing cartwheels above my head.

And it was a good Christmas.

My family, my sisters family, my brothers family, and my cousin's family all met and spent a couple of days at my parents house. Somebody hooked up a wii to a projection TV so there were constant Mario races going on on the back wall of the living room almost the entire time we were there. My attempt at making gluten free chocolate cookies was a success and they were liked by all. The kids all made out like bandits on Christmas morning, and the adults did pretty good themselves. (I got a gift car for a BBQ grill. Woohoo! And Karla put her new kindle to good use) And the Christmas feast was fantastic. It took three tables to hold us all, but we were all in there and having a great time.

So, it's all good.

Now a new week stretches before me, and my poor wife has to go to work. I still have a week home alone with the kids so I'll be pulling my share of the weight as well this week. I'll need to help Rowan catch up on her homework, and try to start getting Sheridan back in the school spirit too. Ah well, things to do...things to do.

Have a good week, folks. And I hope everybody had a Merry and Safe Christmas.

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