Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Fission of Magic

I have just uploaded my story, A Fission of Magic, to Goodreads...where it can be read for free.

Although I usually write horror or fantasy, this is a Christmas story. I couldn't really figure out how to bundle it with anything else I have done, so I figured that in the spirit of the season I would just share it with with the world.

I hope everybody enjoys it.

On another note, I took Sheridan out Christmas caroling with his Cub Scout troop last night. He had a pretty good time. We did it at a retirement home, and I had to explain to him what a retirement home was. He still thinks it's a hospital, but I guess that's close enough to the truth for now.

The Christmas season is upon us, and so far I have only bought one gift. Being the smart man that I am, I made sure that gift was for my wife. Now I better start looking for the kids. I'm still waiting to hear from my extended family to hear what to get their kids. I suppose I ought to get a list to them for my kids as well. This Christmas stuff is complicated. I suppose I ought to get a tree too...but I'm afraid the raccoon might move into that and upset the cats.

Oh well, enjoy yall's Tuesday folks!


  1. A Fission of Magic is a WONDERFUL Christmas story!! Thank you for sharing it! It's filled with all the elements that make the season so very special.


  2. Nate, What an incredible story! The tenderness made me cry...again. Great story, really great story!! (I'm gonna go make some hot tea, light up my pipe, and re-read it again) :)