Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Late Start Tuesday

Rowan and I have a bit of a cold. She's coughing a little worse than I am, so I'm assuming she is feeling a little worse too. With her it is hard to tell. I went to bed at nine last night, and slept straight through till 8:30 this morning. I still didn't want to get up, but it was either that or put the kids in charge of the house. I don't want to go into how tempted I was to do that.

So I'm up.

I need to claw myself towards some semblance of humanity and see what I'm up to doing. I've fed the kiddos, and that taxed my morning energies. Now I sit surrounded by the shambles that is my house. The kids have pretty much destroyed it, and as usual I am not as fast as keeping it up behind them. Yay, Christmas vacation!

I remember how much I enjoyed Christmas vacation as a kid. But when I was a kid my mom just threw me out of the house and hoped I would wander back home before dark. I can't do that with a seven year old and a five year old in Houston. Oh well, at least for now they are each at a computer terminal and are happy. That means I've got a window of opportunity to do a little catching up, so I better get to it.

Adios and Happy Tuesday

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  1. Nate,
    Here's hoping you and Rowan a speedy recovery!
    Merry Christmas,