Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nothing to Report...Plus Video

I didn't do very much yesterday, and spent last night trying to sleep without much success. So that kind of leaves me with little to work with blogwise.

I can report I went to Denny's yesterday afternoon, did a very little bit of writing, and managed not to get gravy on my laptop. (Hey, every little victory counts) Then I came home and went to bed early and didn't sleep. After many hours of not sleeping, I got up and looked at the internet. Looking at the internet is fun, but it tends to get in the way of me being productive, so I went to the store instead.

Walmart at three in the morning is a gigantic pain in the ass. There are actually shoppers at this time of the morning, but they still close down to just one checkout lane and staff it with their most functionally challenged cashier. I felt lucky I got out of there before growing mold. Anyways, I got a roast for dinner tonight, so I am officially a good husband and am quite proud of myself. I also got junk food but that's for me and doesn't count.

I need to get a cover made so I can get my Christmas story published. I think that should be my immediate goal since it's already September. Or maybe I'll just put the story up on Goodreads for free. It's not really a good sample of my work since it's a Christmas story and all my other stories are fantasy or horror stories. So I don't really know what I will do with it. Oh well, until I come up with a cover for the thing, it doesn't matter. You can't judge a book without a cover...or something like that.

Oh, and for absolutely no reason is the entire train ride at the Kemah Boardwalk


  1. There's your real problem. Here it is December and you're still thinking about September.