Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wrapping Things Up

Yep, even Stinkerbell does her schoolwork.

Anyways, the editing on Part One of the Ways of Khrem is wrapping up, and I may very well be done tonight or Friday. That will feel good. Then I have an edit I need to do on two short stories I have in the upcoming Pandora's Nightmare anthology. Those won't take long at all.

Then, while I'm waiting for the second edit on The Ways of Khrem to come back, I guess I'll squeeze in some work on Argiope. I was right in the middle of a scene where a deal involving three drug runners has a couple of very unwelcome guests show up. I look forward to finishing that scene, inserting it, and then jumping back ahead to where I currently am in the story. I really do want to get Argiope done sometime this summer.

Then I'm considering a second visit to the great city of Khrem. Or maybe a few short stories. I kind of miss doing those.

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  1. Great on the stories but AWESOME on the video!!! It is so exciting to see Rowan interacting and learning. Made my day.