Friday, March 12, 2010

Stage One: Done

First edit of Part One has been sent off. It may be a few days until I get Part 2, so I need to change gears.

bgw,Word 2007's review function doesn't seem to like me very much. It kept changing the colors of the comment bubbles used by Pill Hill Press and me. Sometimes it would switch colors, resulting in confusion on my part...and sometimes it would give us both the same color, resulting in more confusion on my part. I hope what I sent them back is okay.

First I think I will go back to working on ideas for the bookcover. I drew one out but my drawing pretty much sucked. I think I'll go out to Denny's and try drawing a little more. If nothing else, do a redraw of my first idea so it will at least be recognizable in case I want to send it to the artist to show what I want.

Then I'll either try to whip out a short story or finish that scene in Argiope.

Oh well, back to the salt mines.

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