Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time to Shake This Off

It's five in the morning, and I just woke up from another nine hours of sleep. I haven't been awake for a twelve hour stretch in the past two days. Something is definitely up.
Other than a general feeling of gloom, I felt okay so I don't know if it was something physical or not. Either way, I need to shake it off and move on. I didn't get anything done yesterday, so I have to crawl back on the wagon again today and get some stuff done.
I have Stinkerbell's therapy today, so I'll need to pick her up from her school at noon and take her. I only have a couple of thousand words left to go on The Cistern rewrite, so I need to try and get that done. The house isn't in "horrible" shape (at least by our sadly lacking standards), but it could sure use some work.
Oh well, it's just about time to start getting around and making the kids lunches for school. I'll try and have a little more productive day today, and shake this malaise off.

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