Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reading About Writing

I did some work on a short story yesterday morning, but my time was cut short due to taking my daughter to see her speech and occupational therapists. That gave me nearly two hours to kill, sitting in the waiting room, so I decided to pull out some of my old books on writing and do a little studying.

I think that reading about writing is very important. For one thing it can help reinspire and remotivate the writer, which is of paramount importance. It can also help the author brush up on skills that he might have been letting slide. The importance of both of those things can't be overstated. Just reading yesterday on setting and editing had me going back and looking at my current project with freshly critical eyes. And thats how things get better.

So I just need to remember to brush up on my skills from time to time... and remember to chew my raw spinach salads better. But that's a different story.

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