Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Porky Presses Onward

I only lost two pounds the past week. Not the results I was hoping for, but I guess things are at least still headed in the right direction. That makes thirteen or fourteen pounds since I started, but I'm still a long way from skinny.

I think the kids enjoyed Snow White last night. I fell asleep and had to go to bed before it was over, but I remember them doing a lot of hooting and hollering over the movie. Rowan laughed at the antics of the animals and the seven dwarves.

I'm thinking of doing a few short stories again before diving into the next novel. I've already done a few flash fiction pieces, just for a change of pace, and it felt good to actually be writing again after all that editing. I'll go through my old shelved short story pieces and see if I'm inspired to finish any of those first.

Today will be a short day because I have to pick up Rowan and take her to her speech therapist. That's okay, my projects for today are all short in nature.

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