Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back to Argiope

Well, two of my proofreaders got back to me and seem content with part one of the story. So I have now launched into part two.
This part is where things slow down for a while. It's a lot of that yucky talking stuff that I hated as a kid. But it needs to be done. Some charactors need to regroup, others need to assert themselves, and yet others need to be introduced. Up till now, the story has moved rather rapidly and has a surplus of action. Gunfire, explosions, and bitings, oh my!
I am pleased that my antogonist in part one seems to have made the intended impression. She's important later on in the story. But now I introduce another couple of charactors, who represent a faction that could be either good or bad. And their back story, although a bit fantastical, actually makes do their motivations. I'm real fussy when it comes to internal logic in a story. It ruins it for me when an author deviates from his own internal logic, so I try never, ever to do it.
Got company in the morning, so I guess I better get to bed. At least I got over a thousand words in tonight. If I can get that every day, I can have the first draft of this book done in no time.

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