Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hanging Loose

Just sitting here, eating a tub of raw spinach and making my daily blog post so my mother knows our house didn't burn down or something.
Got another busy day today. We have a teacher's meeting with the boys teacher, to discuss his academics this year, then I have to take the girl to her speech and occupational therapist. So I don't have much time for writing today.
I have moved some old story beginnings I started from the main computer to my work laptop, in order to go over them and see if any inspire me to take them further. Sometimes I get a really good start on a story, and then run out of steam. When that happens, I shelve it for future perusal. Never, ever, throw good written material away. Sometimes a little time and distance is all that's needed to come back and make it even better than it would have been in the first place

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