Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rays of Sunshine

Despite the chilly and gloomy weather outside, there a few rays of sunshine today.
First of all, my weekly weigh-in reveals that, despite my orgy of carbohydrate gluttony last night, I have now lost twenty pounds. Woohoo! A milestone! Now to get back on that wagon and keep going.
Also, Cherri Galbiati sent me a link to another blog, by author Morgan Mandel, http://morganmandel.blogspot.com/2010/02/how-to-add-extra-pages-on-your-blogger.html , that could be very useful. It shows you how to add pages to your blog, just like a website. It got me thinking that that might be a good way to support a novel when I get it published.
For instance, I could make a blog dedicated to "The Ways of Khrem" that includes maps, artwork, and flash fictions involving other inhabitants of that world. It would be good marketing, and offer free content to attract fans of the series. The same could work for "Argiope," although the content would naturally be different.
It bears real thinking about.

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  1. Argiope is on my "to do" list for tonight, brother. I had homework the past two nights. Unfortunately, passing my classes takes precedence over my favorite writer. LOL.