Friday, February 5, 2010

Quiet Today

The kids will soon both be off to school, and Karla is taking the day off. That leaves me to quietly write here on the coffee table with little to no interruption.
Perhaps with a few solid hours of steady writing I can finish this current short story and start editing it. With a little effort, maybe I can have it finished either tonight or Monday night. There won't be much writing over the weekend since I'll be out of town on Saturday and hosting a Super Bowl party on Sunday.
I'm beginning to understand why writers tend to be recluses. And childless. But it's too late to do anything about that second part, so I just make the best of it that I can. One can write masterpieces while unplugging stuffed animals from the toilet. I'm sure of it.
I'm currently working on finishing this. I'm now about four thousand words into it, with a thousand words to go.
UPDATE: I have finished the first rough draft of "The Warp/So It Ends" It currently has two names, depending on who it is submitted too. It will first be submitted to Pill Hill Press for their Pandora anthology, under the title "So It Ends." If it doesn't fit there, it will be submitted elsewhere under it's previous title "The Warp."
UPDATE 2: Due to the fact that the story was already two thirds written and previously edited, a couple of hours of intense editing was all it took to polish it off. This is exactly why it pays to keep your old unfinished projects on file, so you can come back to them some day.

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