Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heading for the First Finish

I'm closing in on finishing the first part of the rough draft of "Argiope." I think I'll title Part One "Encounter." Anyways, I'm working my way towards the end of the scene with the big shootout, and I'm sort of surprised with the way it worked out.
I actually had the scene envisioned differently when I started writing it, but partway in it started writing itself and went in a different direction. I can't complain because I like the way its turning out better than the original idea. It's going to need work, as it's pretty skeletal at the moment, but thats what second, third, and fourth drafts are for. Right now, I just need to hammer this thing out.
Then I'll have to start strategizing Act II. I intend it to be a slower part, with different charactors trying to figure things out, and the introduction of new charactors taking place. At this point I already have a casualty count of eight dead and four wounded, so it's time to back things down for a while. Now it's more of an aftermath type situation. I wonder if it will turn out anything like I currently have it planned.
Oh well, today is Stinkerbells double therapy visit at Children's Hospital. That means almost two hours in the waiting room, so I guess I'll take my laptop and do some writing there. I'm learning to squeeze in writing opportunities wherever I can.

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