Friday, February 12, 2010

Dusting Off Argiope

So I did a read through of the chapters I have done on "Argiope." I'm actually pretty pleased with it. It reads fast, and has a lot of action in it.
Depending on what happens, that may be my next project. I would like to get that novel written before the year is out. I like the charactor, even though he needs a little lightening up. I gave him many of the same physical challenges I deal with, but in his case his infirmities are the result of a car accident. It still lets me write about something I know about, because I know many of the challenges he faces that a physically normal person may not think of.
I'm typing this right now, using my 42 inch HDTV screen as a computer monitor. This is so cool! I can use my tv to write, surf the internet, watch high definition videos from youtube and vimeo, and even play computer games. My score of man points are going through the roof! RAWR!
I luvs my new laptop :)