Thursday, August 27, 2009

Writer's Night Out

Cherri Galbiati finally got free from her novel writing for a little while, and we got to go out and fortify our creativity at Denny's for the first time in a month. I got to read some of her latest work, and she gave a final critique to "The Tragedy, 'Man.'". All in all, it was a very productive night, and it was good to see her out and about again.

Now I just need to address the points that Cherri brought up in the story, and it will be ready to ship off. I can probably do that and still make my goal of submitting it to Pill Hill Press by Friday. Then it's all a matter of coming up with a ninth short story for the year.

I've pretty much given up on writing one for The Final Twist. The idea I had simply wasn't gelling into a story that was worth writing or reading. I guess I'll let them know I'm not going to submit one this year, and hope for better luck next year.

I also need to shake this airheadedness I've been suffering from lately. It's killing my ability to focus. It's hurting both my creativity and my ability to sit down and get work done. Ugh. Maybe it's something in the air. If this doesn't stop soon I'm going to go on a strict low carb diet of only home cooked foods, just to see if that's the cause. Whatever it is, it's annoying.

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