Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hemingway Didn't Have To Put Up With This.

I'm trying to do the final edit and revision for "The Tragedy, 'Man.'"

Unfortunately, I have my four year old sitting on the computer to my right, playing Feeding Frenzy, and singing at the top of her lungs. Even worse, the six year old is setting up traps throughout the living room to "catch bad guys". He's doing a running commentary the whole time.

Somehow I think the bad guys have little to fear . . . but I have a sneaking feeling that at least one of those little surprises has my name on it, sooner or later. Having that knowledge lurking at the back of my brain also tends to make my work that much more difficult.



  1. But just think of all the life experiences that gives you that he didn't have. Your stories will be all the richer for it. I think that he was the loser then.

  2. Funny, yours is building traps and mine is building an "obstacle" course. I think they amount to the same thing, though. :)

  3. Yeah . . . an adult sprawled on the floor, thinking unkind thoughts about his progeny.