Saturday, August 22, 2009

And A Good Time Was Had By All

Rowans party certainly seemed to be a success. The only "party pooper" turned out to be me. I failed to get to get much sleep the night before, and then had to get up at six in the morning to start the brisket. But at least the brisket turned out okay, which is always a plus.

The kids had a grand time, playing computer games or chasing each other around and shrieking. The addition of Charlie and her kids made for a festive atmosphere, and ensured everybody had somebody to play with.

It was also good to see Courtney back among us, especially for my own selfish reasons since I had an art project for her. Her project is a bookcover idea for an as yet unwritten book. I'm hoping that having the book cover will inspire me to get back onto that book and finish it. I have a strong start on it, but I'm still working on alternate ways it can go and still remain true to it's premise. I'm not going to worry too much about that until after Christmas though, since I'm still working on my goal of twelve publishable short stories this year.

Rowan and Sheridan got new beds, and they are currently sleeping in them. Rowan had to be sent back to bed a few times, I think just because she was still excited over the birthday and the newness of the bed. They are out like lights now.

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