Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ten Hours Later

Well, just managed to log ten solid hours of sleep. Hopefully that will mean I will be more productive today, and I won't be dragging along all bleary eyed and drooping. I sure didn't want to wake up, though. I think I may have been so sleep deprived that I needed a solid twelve or fourteen hours to make up for it. I didn't wake up once last night, like I usually do, but found myself being woke up by Karla after what only felt like a short time asleep.

Ugh. I think I was meant to hibernate. And now with August coming to an end, I must be feeling the urge to find a den and snore the winter away. That works for me. I could just find some snacks and pull them into my den after me . . . and then it's "hasta la vista" till April! Oh, and I'll need a TV for football games.


Still just tired and bleary eyed. What the heck is going on? I actually thought about going back to bed after getting Rowan on the bus, but didn't want to risk sleeping through her getting home. Sheridan has a cold, maybe I'm coming down with something. My sinuses are clear though, so maybe not.

I'll try to get some editing done today.


  1. If you want to hibernate, you should move to Finland. The "Dark Times" approach and when it gets here, we will all want to hibernate. :)

  2. Hmmm . . .maybe I'm secretly Finnish.

  3. Let's see if you are Finnish...
    1. Do you believe that it is bad to speak to strangers, ever?
    2. Do you, or could you, enjoy black licorice softserve ice-cream?
    3. Would you rather cut off an appendage than root for Sweden?
    4. Can you make fun of months of undending, crushing, and oppressive cold and darkness?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, you might be Finnish.