Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Stuff

I went and saw "Predators" at the theatre tonight. I was all prepared to hate it, since I felt they pretty much ran that franchise into the ground, but it turned out to be okay. I would rate it right behind the original...better than the second one...and much better than the Alien vs Predator garbage that came along later. It even had a bit of the feel of the first one. So I recommend it to any Predator fans who are on the fence about this one.

On another note, my formatting project was a partial success but I think I can do better. I think I know where the problems with my project came from, but now I've got to fix it.  I've located some online HTML tutorials and I'm going to cram on that for a day or two then try again. I want to be able to upload things for publishing on the kindle with confidence. All I have to do is learn a programming language in a day or two. No big deal.

Whats going to make it more of a challenge is that I'm going to be going out with the family tomorrow. We're taking the kids swimming at a resort in Conroe, so I'm not going to have access to a computer for most of the day. Oh well, I'll be sure and take pictures. All work and no play makes Nate something something.

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  1. HTML is not programming, Nate. It is simple markup. It tells the computer things like "make this part bold, or make this part a header." No programming required, you just learn the tags.

    JAVA on the other hand is programming...