Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sometmes No News is Just No News

There has been little to nothing to report. I took some Nyquil and went to bed early last night, and Karla had to drag me out of bed this morning. Nothing going on other tthan being part of a strange dream of joining a line of a thousand authors, all wearing pullup diapers and marching in a circle around Walmart...while snapping our waistbands to the beat of Bolero.


Try turning THAT into a story.

So I'm just trying to get through the week, get Rowan to her therapists, and find a little bit of the house under this mess before we have to leave on our yearly vacation this friday. It will be our annual jaunt down to Galveston, to enjoy the fun and the sun....and who knows, maybe a hurricane and an oil spill for variety Actually, the weather looks okay so far, and the oil spill seems to have gone to Florida.  Besides, we probably won't go to the beach anyways. These days the water parks are the prime destinations.

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  1. Okay Nate...that dream made me pee my pants! LOL!! (good thing we're all wearing "pull-ups"!