Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alas, Poor Mouse. I Knew Him, Horatio.

I come here today, not to bury Mouse...but to praise him.

He was a loyal companion to my trusty laptop, guiding my cursor with dependable precision. I could always count on my mouse.

But he is no more. Lost somewhere back at a distant Starbucks, he now exists in a latte bedecked limbo where all mice left behind in coffee shops spend eternity.

Goodbye friend Mouse. I will remember you fondly.

Now I must bond with a new companion...a fair young electronic rodent with the brassy name of Logitech emblazoned on her rump. She's a bit of an ergonomic tart, coming after the stolid and comforting lump of her predecessor, but I'm sure she will grow on me as well.

Rest in peace, dear Mouse. You served me well.


  1. Guess we should be glad you didn't take one of your children to Starbucks. You would be replacing them with a Logitech model. LOL. NO, that was not an actual option!

  2. Hmmm...maybe something by Hewlitt Packard.