Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Few Items

"Death and White Satin" is getting good to great reviews from my proofreaders and will likely be the opening story in the "4" anthology. I'm really trying to step up my game with these stories, and I want this anthology to make a strong impression.

Came home to a clean house, which is always nice. It takes a little mental pressure off since I had been letting things slip while writing and working on other projects, and the mess was really beginning to crowd me mentally.

I  stopped at the Kebab House in the Woodlands and had a Donner Kebab. It was excellent and I recommend it to all my Houston readers.

My monopod/walking stick arrived in the mail today. Hopefully this will lead to videos that don't look they were taken by a drunk in the throes of the DTs. That would be nice. Since I'm going to be responsible for cover art/interior photos in my self published stuff in the future, I will need lots of photographic material to work with.

I thought I had evaded the cold that had my wife so miserable last week, but I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Rowan is coughing as well, so it looks like Karla got us after all. Drat!

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  1. Oh yeah, Death in White Satin sent me to bed with ALL the lights on last night! That story got to me, but's been a very long time since I've ready something that creeped me out that much! I loved it--write some more!