Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just Being Dad

So my job today is going to be taking Rowan to her different therapies. She has one from nine to twelve thirty at Learning Lane, the two consecutive one that go from one fifteen till three oclock at Children's hospital. So I'll be gone all day. I'll take my laptop just to take advantage of what time I can get in at Starbucks...where I pay way too much for a cup of coffee just so I can sit down and use their internet. Oh well, it's not quite a deal with the devil.

I did a writer's night out with Cherri Galbiati last night, so I'll probably be a little bleary eyed and in need of that caffeine anyways. We stayed out till midnight, talking about writing and the directions that the field is going. I realized I had actually written more this summer than I realized, but that I had felt I was behind because I used so much of my time earlier this year working on editing my novel. I had been sort of fretting because I wasn't on last year's pace of a short story a month.

I've actually gotten more production than I realized. I've edited one novel and got it published. I've got Argiope to forty five thousand words. And I've written one and a half short stories for the Pandora anthology. Then there is the Barrow Wolf, which is at eight thousand words. Death and White Satin which is eight thousand words. Rewritten the Tragedy Man into a six thousand word story. And hopefully I will finish Fate of the Coral Horn next week...which is going to be at least seven thousand words. That's actually not bad with it only being July.

On another note, I need to buy a new hat. No, the one in the picture isn't mine (I wish it was though). I tried washing mine and the results weren't good. Oh well, with vacation coming up it's time to get a new hat anyways. A guy has got to have his hat.


  1. That hat is awesome!

  2. Yep. They had it at the Children's Museum...which is unfortunately closed. Maybe I'll look into making my own.