Thursday, July 8, 2010

Formatting for Great Justice

I'll be working on my kindle formatting skills all day today. Thankfully, I'll be home for the entire day, so I finally have time to settle in and work. I've got the boy off to camp, and the girl parked in front of a computer of her own. Now lets see if I can get something done.

An indie writer can't get too much practice at this...and I would rate this as a top three survival skill necessary to be an independent writer...the other two skills being the ability to write well, and the ability to convince your wife that your not an irresponsible bum who is taking her for a ride.

I'm still messing with that ghost in the photograph idea. I may change it's concept since "The Tragedy Man" already features a graveyard from a vanished town, and I don't want to repeat the same idea in an anthology. That's okay, I think I've got a better and more suspensefiul angle anyways. What if you started getting pictures from the cell phone of somebody you murdured? Hmmm...

Oh well, time to crank up the AC, and get to formatting. Might even do a little housework on the side.

Go me!

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