Saturday, July 17, 2010

So I Went to the Movies

I went and saw the late show of "Inception" last night. It was a good science fiction, although it takes a little patience as the movie doesn't coddle the audience and it takes a few minutes to get up to speed on what's going on. In this case that's okay because it results in the a very intelligent movie that doesn't dumb itself down for the audience.

But alas my adventure didn't end at the rolling of the credits.

I tottered out to the parking lot, sometime after midnight, to head home for the evening. Then I stood there by my car, fishing in pocket after pocket for my keys. It became evident pretty quick they were gone. So there I was, alone in a Houston parking lot sometime after midnight.


So I hobbled as fast as I could back to the theater, and managed to squeeze back in the exit before it closed after the last departing couple. I stood there in the empty lobby, watching that last couple head for their car, then turned to head back the theater where my movie had been showing. I called a few times for help as I went, but got no answer. Then, reaching the theater where my movie had been, I wobbled my way back down the aisle to the area where I had been sitting.

I was right in the middle of crawling around, looking for my keys, when the lights went out. So I stopped there, on my hands and knees in complete blackness. My only choice then was to feel my way back to the lobby.

The lobby was now gloomy as well, and still deserted. I stood there for the next five minutes, calling for help at the top of my lungs. Due to the acoustics, my shouts seemed to carry no distance at all but just fade off in the shadows.  No answer, but the sound of muted bleeps, gunfire, and engine noises from the distant row of coin op video games.  I started to wonder if the place was simply automated to shut down when the last customers left, and somebody came in and cleaned up in the morning. Which meant I would be wandering around in a deserted theater, and possibly trespassing.


It was either leave the theater, or find the employee area and search for help. I found the door after another search, and discovered how hard it is to overcome that conditioning to stay out of forbidden areas. I reminded myself that I needed assistence, and that common sense dictated somebody had to be there. So I opened the door, yelled at the top of my lungs, and recieveing no answer I headed up the stairs.

I found myself in a long, bright hallway that zig zagged out of sight. I stopped and listened, and then I heard voices in the distance. Somewhere in a room down the hall and around a far corner, a couple of voices were murmering and giggling. Not wanting to bust in on anything like that, I chose a different strategy. I figured if I was now close enough to here them, the opposite was true. So I stood at the end of the hall and shouted for help.

Pretty soon a guy and gal showed up, eager to assist me in finding my keys and getting me out of there. They were very helpful. The keys were found, and I was ushered out to the parking lot. Apparently they had a lot of work to do, and it was time to get me out of there so they could get on with it.

Adventure over.

Oh well, it was enough excitement for me. And let me tell you...even modern cineplexes are creepy places when you're all alone in them.


  1. I swear, you find the funniest predicaments to get yourself into! ROFL!!!!

  2. I know. I live a life of danger and excitement :P