Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Countdown Has Begun

One more day...

Only one more day before I pack myself into a Toyota with two noisy kids and a dubious wife, then head out for two and a half hours on a Texas Interstate in August. Yep, vacation is upon me.

Seven glorious days of kids in the sun, kids at the boardwalk, kids on the Strand, kids at the water park, kids at Moody Gardens, kids in the resort room, and kids in the bed with me. It's almost more fun than any one man can take while sober.

somebody shoot me

And we shall have fun. Oh yes, we will. And I will bring my new high definition camcorder to record all the carnage.

But first we must pack. More fun. Packing makes me happy. I will enjoy packing. I will pack with enthusiasm. Hooray for packing!

I'm also closing in on finishing The Flight of the Coral Horn. There is a reasonable chance I will have a very rough draft done by tomorrow evening. It still needs a lot of work, and the name may change yet again, but getting that first draft done is always a good feeling. The funny thing is I'm not totally sold on my ending, and may write the story two different ways to see which I like better. Oh well, at least once I've got it finished once, any other version is a bonus.

It's all good :)


  1. I don't have the "kids in the..." syndrome (or only for two days), but I have to psych myself up for the packing and traveling, too. I would love vacation if I could get whisked there instantaneously and I didn't have to bring a thing!! I am looking forward to the chatting we shall do, though :-)

  2. Nate, Karla, kids, and Steph--
    Have a wonderful vacation. Fun and time spent with family is something that creates memories for a lifetime! (Steph, I miss you and your smart-mouthed wit!! lol)

    I'm looking forward to your return and I want PICS, lots of PICS!!!
    Have a GREAT time--Cherri

  3. Have fun. Hope it isn't too steamy hot.

    Hope also that you finish the draft of Coral Horn. The vacation will be good to take a break, without thinking about that for a while.

    Safe travels!

  4. Thanks, Kae. I'm almost there. I'm on the epilogue now.

    Thank you, too, Cherri. Knowing me, I will fill half my harddrive with pictures. Most of them out of focus and unnecessary.

    And I'm looking forward to chatting too, Steph :)