Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Now Digital

The Ways of Khrem is now available on the Kindle for the price of five dollars.

Pill Hill Press and I worked together to get the formatting right on this, and let me tell was a chore. I understand it is available in other digital formats, but I can not make any claims about the formatting on those. I can assure you that the Kindle version is in good shape, and that is the version I strongly recommend. I have a lot to learn about digital publishing, but it is the way of the future so it behooves me to do so.

Today I will try to finish the first draft of "Remember Me" for my next digital compilation, "4." That will make the second story, and leave me two more to go. I want to try and have the first draft of "4" done sometime in Sept. Then I'm tempted to start work on the sequel to The Ways of Khrem. Right now I'm still at the stage now where I'm taking hints from people on what direction or area they would like to see me explore in the sequel, although I make no promises.

Ah well, today it will be me and the Beastie at home all day. Good times.

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