Saturday, July 24, 2010


So this is what I'm now considering; A series of novelettes and short stories titled "Shades."

The first in the series, "Shades: Death and White Satin" would be released in August, soon after I got back from vacation. "Shades: A Memory of Me" would be slated for a September release. They would be priced at .99 cents each on the Kindle.

While I would like to release one of these a month, quality control will be paramount and nothing will be published until it has been polished free of blemishes. Each title of "Shades" will also be in it's own shade... haha, I kill me... but the above colors are not necessarily the final ones. It occurs to me that "Death in White Satin" might be more appropriate in a white, or at least ivory, hue.

Well, that's the idea as it sits right now. I kind of like it, but I still have time to evolve it further.

I'll be going on vacation on Friday the 30th, so this weekend will probably be devoted to housework and other such stuff. Lots of laundry to do, and things to pack.


  1. I like the green ghost!! I'm looking forward to your releases - maybe by then I'll have replaced my Sony Reader with a Kindle!

  2. Nate, you never cease to amaze me. What a brilliant idea...I like the "ivory" for "White Satin," and a blue hue would be good for "A Memory of Me." (meloncholy blue, ya know?) ha.

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I'm going to give real thoought to the colors. My original intention was to wait until I had enough for an anthology and then make that cover in black and white. I might even title the anthology "Shades I" and continue releasing more until I have enough for a "Shades II" All the anthologies would be in black and white.

  4. Let me clarify that.

    My plan (currently) is to release one story at a time, each with a different shade, until I reach enough that I feel would make a decent anthology. THEN I will bundle those into an anthology titled "Shades." After that, I will continue releasing stories until I have enough for a second...but that's way down the road.