Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Notes

Well, I took the boy to see Toy Story 3 yesterday. We had a good time, and I've pretty much come to the conclusion that Pixar is just incapable of making a bad movie. Their batting average is pretty phenomenol. The only downer was I tripped and spilled about a third of our popcorn into the aisle. I would have been embarrassed but it was dark and nobody seemed to notice. Sheridan never even shut up, just continued his running monologue about whatever he was talking about while I pulled myself up on a chair. I guess he's used to seeing Dad hit the floor =P

On another note, I now have my fantasy story about the Coral Horn up to 7,100 words and there is still more story to go. So it will be a full novelette, just like The Barrow Wolf. That's good. I like to think my customers are getting their full ninety nine cents worth. I'm thinking of naming the series that will contain The Barrow Wolf and this one, "Tales of Nur." I will include a little authors note about what that means at the beginning or end of the story.

Oh well...I got this and the two Shades stories to get ready.

Busy, busy, busy!

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