Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day...and Nate Falls Down A Lot

They celebrated Independence Day a day early in the park across from Nonni's house, and the kids were delighted to take part in the annual kids parade. I was there, ready and rarin' to go with my new HD2000 camera as well.

Things started off well, with me getting a few shots from across the street before crossing over to the park to get ready to film the kids. That's when disaster struck. I stepped in a muddy patch on the incline near the street, and in the next second found myself trying to do the Can Can in my braces. Needless to say, I did a very poor rendition of the Can Can and ended up on my butt. I also managed to twist my ankle and my knee in the process.

I then limped back over to the house to do the filming from the security of a chair in my mothers side yard. I guess I got some decent shots, but they could have been better. Then, to add insult to injury, I went in the house and managed to fall again while in the kitchen. This time it was because I was trying to pivot on my previously wounded leg and it just said, "Nope. You're on your own," and collapsed. This time I went down with a crash, taking two kitchen stools with me. That added a wounded hip to my list of boo boos, not to mention a terminal blow to my nothing says "spazoid" like having your sister in law finding you flopping around on the floor of the kitchen.

Sigh. One day they will find a cure for Charcot Marie Tooth...and that will be my Independence Day. Until then I will just keep a sense of humor about the whole thing and hope they develop a brace for wounded dignities.

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  1. Honey, I never think of you as a spazoid. I just want to help you up out of the floor.