Friday, July 23, 2010

A New Idea

I was talking to a publisher on the kindle boards the other evening, and he pointed out that I ought to consider approaching my "4" project in a different way. Instead of writing four stories then releasing them in an anthology, why not release one story at a time under a series name...then make an anthology called by the series name when I've reached whatever desired number I was shooting for.

For instance, a "Shades" series with the first story released being "Death and White Satin." He said I could even use the same cover for each story in the series, just with a different title...although I'm not so sure on that idea. But it is worth considering. I could have Death and White Satin out by mid August...with Remember Me following in mid September or earlier.

I would also have a series for my fantasy stories. Since I set them all in the world of Khrem, I would  need a series name that identified them. Unfortunately, I've never officially named that world (it's actually called Nur, just like the river that flows through Khrem) so finding a unifying name for the series from the novel might be difficult. I would simply republish The Barrow Wolf as the first in that series...with Fate of the Coral Horn hopefully out by late September, early October.

The other nice thing is that I've been more productive than I thought this year. I forgot to include my christmas story in my completed short story if I finish the first draft of Fate of the Coral Horn next week, then I'll have written six short stories in seven months. That's only one short of the pace I like to keep, and it doesn't include the three flash fictions I wrote, nor all the work I did on Argiope.

I still need to step it up though. I want to start working on the sequel to The Ways of Khrem sometime this autumn.


  1. I think you might be on to something!

  2. It's certainly worth exploring. I'll be giving it some long thought over vacation. When I come back from that I'll have a better idea of which way I intend to go.