Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blogging from Starbucks

I'm blogging from Starbucks this morning, sipping from my cafe mocha as I type. I'm not sure if that makes me snooty,  faux snooty, pretentious, a yuppie (no, I'm too old to be a yuppie), or what. It's a Starbucks in a Barnes and Noble if that helps.

I just dropped Rowan off at her new therapist in the Woodlands, and I'm stuck out here for pretty much the rest of the day as I have to pick her up later and take her to different therapists. That cuts into my writing and editing time pretty severely...but kiddos have to come first. Any serious progress in writing or editing is now becoming a Thursday or Friday affair anyways...and lets remember I still have Rowan home even on those days. I won't really be able to bear down and concentrate until school starts again.

Anyways, I'm currently doing an editing and formatting project...dry stuff...and then I'll pick up "Fate of the Coral Horn" again. That's just a placeholder name, but I do sort of like it.

Oh well, I'll go back to sipping my mocha and being something something now.

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