Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Here are the kiddos, and adult support staff, returning from the childrens parade yesterday. They had a good time, and I want to thank my brother and sister for walking (and pushing in the case of my son) with the kids along the route. (my son's battery on his tractor died and my brother ended up pushing him along the route).

On the writing front, I'm trying to make a couple of decisions. The initial monster I was going to use in Fate of the Coral Horn would actually make an interesting monster for a story in the sequel to The Ways of Khrem. I do have a backup critter in mind if I choose to make that switch, but I need to think about it as it will change the whole charactor and complexion of the story. I'm also toying with the beginnings of an idea for the next ghost story for "4". What if a person was photographed at a cemetary, and it was later noticed there was a person sitting on a tombstone in the background of the picture that neither person saw while they were there....and what if that figure in the background started showing up in later pictures that weren't taken at the graveyard.


It's got potential. I'll have to rough draft it and see what I think.

Oh well. Today I need to find a fireworks display for tonight, so the kids can see their Fourth of July fireworks. Busy, busy, busy.

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