Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving Onwards

As my first set of internet ads start to expire, I'm getting ready for phase two of Project : Learn Writing Realities of Today. While I'm waiting for the final numbers to come in, I'm preparing my next release.

It is titled, The Barrow Wolf...and it is the story of a young shepherd who embarks on a quest for revenge. It runs a little over eight thousand words, and is currently being polished before I try to figure out how to format it for the Kindle. If all goes well, it should be submitted to the Kindle store in about a week. It will be sold for .99 cents.

It will be interesting to compare the results of the ebook market to the printed market.

On another note, today I intend to put the trap I bought up in the attic and hopefully capture the creature that has moved in up there and converted the space into it's own private gymnasium. Last night I think it was using our rafters as parallel bars...when it wasn't trying to unscrew the light fixture above my bed. Yep, something must be done. It will be kind of like my own private safari, in the savannahs of my attic. A real Hemingway experience.

Then I'll write a story about it.

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